Elastotapes is located in Industrial Development Area Kochuveli, Trivandrum, Kerala. The company is spread around 2500 sq meters of land with a built up space of 1000 sq meters. The company possess a state of the art fully air conditioned production unit matching with any international standards. Around INR 20million has been invested in the company for development purposes. The company possesses the following machineries:

Crochet Machines from Jakob Muller, Switzerland capable of manufacturing

  • Plain tapes (4mm to 90mm wide)
  • Brush tapes (12mm to 50mm wide)
  • Frill tapes (8mm to 30mm wide)
  • Button Hole (15mm to 25mm wide)

Loom Machines of Varitex make from Jakob Muller, Switzerland capable of producing

  • Plain tapes (10mm to 50mm wide)
  • Brush tapes (12mm to 45mm wide)
  • Rigid tapes (12mm to 45mm wide)
  • Name Tapes (20mm to 40mm wide)

NFN Loom Machines from Jakob Muller, Switzerland

The company has an annual production capacity of about 25 million meters of elastic tapes.