About us

The only manufacturer of Elastics for hosiery and garment industry in Kerala with machineries imported from Jakob Muller, Switzerland with a capacity to produce 25 million meters of elastics per annum. Established in the year 1998, the company has been making good progress, doing business in the domestic front as well as in exports. The company is one of the leading manufacturers of Elastic Tapes in South India. Our strength is prompt delivery of quality products at the most competitive price. The staff comprises of personnel who are technically well qualified from reputed institutions and with long years of experience. The fixed asset of the company amounts to around INR 20 million. The products being manufactured includes Plain knitted tapes, Knitted frill, Knitted button hole elastic, Knitted brushed elastic, Plain woven tapes, Woven name tapes, Woven brushed tapes, Woven rigid tapes, rigid and elastic Braided tapes.


We have cultivated rich values primarily through ethical business practices and prospective learning. By accepting our customers as “Guru”, by understanding them and by translating their inputs into fertile ideas, we have transformed ourselves into a customer centric entity. At Elastotapes, the keyword is customer satisfaction; so you can expect higher quality products, made as per your specification and delivered within the committed time.

Woven elastics are available in various lengths and sizes at highly competitive and reasonable rates. Elastic tapes are now a days very much required in textile sector. High quality of raw materials is used while manufacturing these such as polypropylene, polyester, nylon and cotton. Some elastic tapes are also manufactured from synthetic fibers, which are of multi colors. Those elastic tapes on which names are printed are commonly termed Name elastics. The prints on elastic tapes possess a long life with numerous width, shades and designs. Another type of elastic tape is called Jacquard elastics, these are knitted by using high-speed woven jacquard needles. These machines assist in manufacturing any type of jacquard design in a wide spectrum of colors.