Sree Ganesh Enterprises started off with trading of glass and photo frames and is still continuing trading with furniture glass, plain glass, figured glass, coated glass for low e application, tinted glass, special types like planilaque painted glass etc.

SGE Products

Float Glass

This is the basic glass that was available for use before the discovery of the float process. It is no longer in use for most architectural uses, but is used in glass art to create sculptures and decorative display items. Float glass or annealed glass is a term for perfectly flat, clear glass manufactured by the float process invented in the UK by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1959. It is the most basic type of glass and forms the basis for several fabricated glasses that are used in construction.

Tinted Glass

Colorants are added to the normal clear float during manufacture in order to achieve tinting and solar-radiation absorption properties. The color is achieved upon the addition of a mineral admixture. Tinting reduces heat penetration in building.

Reflective Glass

Glass that is coated to reflect radiation striking the surface of the glass, thereby reducing solar heat gain, is called reflective glass. The major application for reflective glass is on exteriors, for façade glazing in commercial, educational and residential buildings.

Low-e Glass

Low-e glasses are innovative coated glass that has the unique ability of preventing heat loss in cold weather while reducing heat intake in warm weather. It is popular in residential, commercial and industrial applications where thermal control is a priority.


A mirror is a type of glass that has a highly reflective surface and is used for seeing reflections. Mirror have been used for centuries, especially hand mirrors, and have a wide range of application. In architecture, it is mostly used for decorative purposes, in furniture, panels, doors, etc. as well as to create spatial effects.

Special Type - SGG Planilaque Evolution

SGG Planilaque Evolution lacquered glass is intended exclusively for interior furnishing and decoration. This new generation lacquered can be used in interior applications, including damp and humid rooms, wall or furniture cladding. The scope of its application is vastly widened with the available choice of brilliant, deep lacquered colors, combined with the durability of glass. The manufacturing process produces a highly durable lacquer into one of its faces. Once installed a material require a low maintenance since the lacquer coating is protected by the glass. Saint- Gobain manufacturing specifications also ensure its resistance to discoloration, humidity and chemicals.


  • Door controls

    The Door Control division operates in the areas of door closing systems, door fittings, furniture, and locks, and panic hardware. The outstanding technical credentials, absolute dependability and functional efficiency of its portfolio, plus its ability to create innovative solutions, are constantly extending the design and implementation envelope. DORMA products are sold worldwide via the architectural hardware trade. They have precisely defined DORMA’s presence in the global arena and consistently promote the company’s position in the project

  • Automatics

    The Automatic division is engaged in the manufacture, distribution and customer service requirements of automatic door and operator systems. DORMA has been a player in this growing market segment for more than 30 years and today is ranked top in Europe and second in the world. Its high level of innovation and comprehensive product portfolio are the driving force behind this success. A global sales structure and efficient service organizations support our customers in the selection of the best door system to ensure long-term satisfaction.

  • Glass Fittings and Accessories

    The main focus of the Glass Fittings and Accessories division lies on the development and manufacture of hardware for glass doors, toughened glass assemblies and architectural glass constructions. The division boasts a product range of virtually unbeatable scope and sophistication. State-of-the-art tools such as the Glass Configurator are set to simplify the shape of things to come. In terms of technological excellence, glass fittings and accessories from DORMA lead the world.

  • Acoustics movable partition

    The strength of the Movable Walls division lies in its know-how in room partitioning, spatial configuration and the application of interior architectural elements. Its comprehensive product portfolio ranges from large-area movable walls with excellent sound proofing properties – ideal for auditoria and halls in major buildings – to glass constructions and frontage systems for shopping malls, both as manual and as automated systems. DORMA is the world market leader in the movable walls sector.

  • Security/ Time and Access control (STA)

    The Security/Time and Access Control (STA) division has become a motor for innovation through the consistent application of advanced electronics and allied technologies. DORMA’s core competencies lie in emergency exit security and safety while also occupying a strong position in the access control and time data acquisition segments.